Traditional New Year's sales exhibition of ZDSLU members

'Traditional New Year's sales exhibition of ZDSLU members' displayed various works in many different techniques and within a wide range of creative directions. As a quality, unique gifts of small and medium-sized formats, they were available at affordable prices. The exhibition included many high-quality paintings, sculptures, illustrations, photographs and graphics made by ZDSLU members.

'From the actual arch rays' at Jožef Stefan Institute Gallery

The exhibition 'From the actual arch Rays' at Jožef Stefan Institute Gallery exposed the bond between science and art. It was inspired by the book 'Jožef Stefan, a poet and physicist', which also conceptualized the whole project. Openness of the subject enabled numerous associative and authorial connections, which contributed to variegation and diversity of exhibited works.

'May saloon 2010: Walked path' at Koroška Gallery of Fine Arts

Comprehensive exhibition at Koroška Gallery of Fine Arts Slovenj Gradec presented diverse creative individual accessions and style directions in work of 147 selected artists; from photorealism to abstraction, over manners of impressionism to tendency of surrealism, from hyperrealism across expressionism and minimalism to cubistic concept of presenting reality.

'Young invited 2009' at Gallery DLUM

As the previous year I again contributed my painting to set up the annual group exhibition in Association of Artists of Maribor called 'Young invited 2009'. Exhibition included lots of various artistic works with different techniques, accessions and styles and was opened untill the end of July 2009.

Gallery Družina, sales exhibition

The exhibition was organized by a priest Robert Friškovec and Dragan Marinovič at the beginning of June 2009. It was a charitable sales exhibition at Gallery Družina, with the goal of gathering financial means for the construction of prisoners and victims rehabilitation center 'Ecce homo (Look, human)'. I also donated three of my paintings.