Solo exhibition at Gallery Lobby of Jože Hudales

The premises of the Municipality Lenart has for many years held an internationally recognized cultural events. The Lobby of Jože Hudales regularly hosts exhibitions by local and foreign artists from all around the world. This time I contributed a touch of Russian art in the diverse collection of their art exhibitions. The evening was spiced up by a vocal group of teachers called 'Amista iz Voličine'.

Solo exhibition at Gallery Srečišče, Hostel Celica

Multicultural Centre Hostel Celica regularly hosts national and international artists working in all fields of artistic creation. The Hostel is located in ground floor of Srečišče Gallery, which represents the meeting place of art and science and symbolizes, as described by their curator, the art that is not artificial and science, which is not defined only by signs. It's constantly active with dialog meetings, roundtables and lectures in the areas of art, philosophy and science, within cycles that complement and support each other.

Solo exhibition at Gallery Lobby of NLB Črnomelj

Nova Ljubljanska banka always dedicated much attention to the visual arts. By purchasing works of renowned artists it is supporting the development and promotion of Slovenian art and also expanding it's comprehensive art collection. It regulary offers space for displaying artwork; at the lobby of business building NLB Črnomelj I have exhibited some paintings that I've created over the past few years. Exhibition lasted untill the end of summer 2011.

Traditional New Year's sales exhibition of ZDSLU members

'Traditional New Year's sales exhibition of ZDSLU members' displayed various works in many different techniques and within a wide range of creative directions. As a quality, unique gifts of small and medium-sized formats, they were available at affordable prices. The exhibition included many high-quality paintings, sculptures, illustrations, photographs and graphics made by ZDSLU members.

'From the actual arch rays' at Jožef Stefan Institute Gallery

The exhibition 'From the actual arch Rays' at Jožef Stefan Institute Gallery exposed the bond between science and art. It was inspired by the book 'Jožef Stefan, a poet and physicist', which also conceptualized the whole project. Openness of the subject enabled numerous associative and authorial connections, which contributed to variegation and diversity of exhibited works.