'Lijalent 2017' at Student dormitory Lizike Jančar

Within the Student dormitory Lizike Jančar Maribor an International art colony Lijalent 2017 took place from 28th to 30th of June 2017. Artists from Austria, Croatia, Italy, Russia and Slovenia participated at the colony. Artists were received by the deputy mayor of the municipality mag. Zdravko Luketič. During their stay in the city of Maribor, artists created a wide variety of artworks and co-created the cultural pulse of the Festival Lent.

Solo exhibition at Galery RRRudolf

Galery RRRudolf was founded in 2008 as a replacement for closed Exhibition Centre Union. The space is shared with Literary house Maribor within premises of the Cultural association of Maribor literary society. Galery RRRudolf's program is broad and allows exhibiting of wide range of artists, while in-between there are also photographic and documentary exhibitions.

'Portraits' at Narodni dom Maribor

Narodni dom Maribor is an event center for all ages and tastes. Their programs are designed for children, adolescents and adults, lovers of all kinds of music, from classical to rock and jazz, sympathizers of comedy, theater, connoisseurs of contemporary performing arts, artists and visitors to events of visual arts.