'Mystical woman' at Cultural center Laško

At the Cultural Center Laško on Friday, March 22, the opening of an exceptional and unique exhibition titled "Mystical Woman" took place, showcasing the works of three renowned artists: Rebeka Golob, Elena Churnosova and Milan Unković. The exhibition offered visitors a unique opportunity to gain insight into the diversity of artistic expressions that provide a mystical view of the female nature.

'It was once, and how is it today?' at Gallery DLUM

The exhibition 'It was once, and how is it today? Artist in the shell of time - From Pablo Picasso to Peter Weibl' is thematically broad, as it allowed all authors from various genres of visual arts to showcase their artistic works at the exhibition. Thirty-one artists exhibited, presenting 43 visual artworks of various genres, both in traditional and new media visual poetics and techniques, including artistic videos and photography.

'The sorrow of war' at Library Šentjur

The art critic Mario Berdič Codella wrote about the author of the exhibition: "Elena Churnosova presents a unique curiosity on the Slovenian art scene, not only because of her Russian origin but also because of her professional profile, as she comes from the renowned N.K. Roerich Academy in St. Petersburg, where she specialized in scenography and costume design with a focus on puppetry, which is certainly unusual in our country."

'AB HINC - From now on' at Gallery DLUM

All members of the DLUM association were invited to participate in the exhibition, to present themselves with one or two works of recent date, which are also evaluated by selected curators for the annual DLUM award. The title of this year’s exhibition, curated by Kristina Prah, is AB HINC “From now on”. Namely, the company managed to pass a hundred years and survive exceptional conditions, which did not prevent it from a different, but still alive, activity and the preparation of exhibitions on the Jewish Square.

'Lijalent 2018' at Student dormitory Lizike Jančar

The 20th Lijalent International Art Colony 2018 has taken place at Student dormitory Lizike Jančar in Maribor. The principal of the Dormitory, mag. Bojana Peruš Marušič greeted the artists and wished them successful creative inspiration. Artists and employees of the student dormitory were addressed by the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Maribor, M.Sc. Zdravko Luketič, who emphasized the importance of art creation and the organization of the art colony.