The Biennale Riviera del Brenta was born and created to give the possibility to pain¬ters, sculptors, photographers to expose their works in an important place from the historical point of view, but mainly artistic. The seat of the Biennial is the city of Mira, in the "Riviera del Brenta", a place full of history and art, quietly crossed the River Brenta, just across the Grand Canal of Venice. This Riviera was a popular hang-out for perso¬nalities such as Casanova, Galileo, Byron and D'Annunzio. It inspired Mozart, was por¬trayed by Tiepolo and Canaletto and praised by Goethe and Goldoni. It hosted the royal French and Russian families as well as Napoleon and the Habsburg and Savoy families. Andrea Palladio created here summer residences for the Venetian nobles who used to spend here their 'Villeggiatura' (summer holidays). The Biennale of Riviera del Brenta will be hosted by the stunning Villa Valier, dating from the 1500s. In this historic residence set in 20,000 sqm of secular garden lived two Doges of the family Valier and the last Do- garessa of Venice, Elisabetta Querini. Inside it we find richly decorated and awe-inspiring rooms such as the Music Room, the Archaeology Room, the Fireplace Room, the Great Hall, the Paintings', the Lions', the Doges', and Hercule's Rooms. The upper floor or 'piano nobile' is accessed through a spiral staircase designed by one of Palladio's stu¬dents, which is one of the most important and ancient staircases in Northern Italy. On this floor we also find a mirror in Baroque Venetian style, a real masterpiece decorated with diamond point engravings. The protagonists of this Biennial are international artists from all over the world, visitors can admire various artistic techniques, different styles. Each work must be evaluated and deserves a personal reflection. The art from around the world has given appointment in the Riviera to give life to a Biennial that will continue to be once again the protagonist in the coming years, growing in values and in artistic and cultural thickness.

Opening day: 23rd April 2016
Closing day: 25th April 2016

Villa Valier
Via Giuseppe di Vittorio, 1
30034 Mira