'Pre-New Year's sales exhibition of DLUL members' at Gallery DLUL

'Pre-New Year's sales exhibition of DLUL members' displays various works in many different techniques and within a wide range of creative directions. Exhibition is taking place at the new DLUL gallery in Ljubljana. As a quality, unique gifts of small and medium-sized formats, artworks are available at affordable prices. The exhibition includes many high-quality paintings, sculptures, illustrations, photographs and graphics made by DLUL members.

'Presentation of unique painted fashion line ZDSLU'

Unique fashion line ZDSLU is a project which connects creative industries with fine art. Creative industries promote exploratory momentum and desire of artists for new set of conceptual approaches and is understood as one of the key factors in today's social development. With its own fashion line ZDSLU entered into the field of fashion and clothing, which are not only useful items, but mainly artistic artifacts, painted surfaces of seven top artists who have each in their own way coped with clothing, decorative items and fashion accessories.

'May saloon 2014: Water' at Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

May saloon is a substantively, thematically and academically based exhibition, which includes a number of artists. It runs continuously from year 1909 onwards, and is therefore an exhibition with the longest tradition in Slovenia. At the time when galleries strive to modern concepts, departing away from classical paintings and sculptures, the exhibition 'May Salon' truly is welcome as the echo and display of contemporary artistic creation.

'Lights in the Winter' at La Galleria Pall Mall

International contemporary art exhibition 'Lights in the Winter' took place at La Galleria Pall Mall in London, UK, on 8th - 14th December 2013, with the Opening Night on 9th December. The theme of this winter's exhibition was the celebration of lights. It showcased paintings, sculpture, prints and photography by twenty seven international artists from fourteen countries.