Unique fashion line ZDSLU is a project which connects creative industries with fine art. Creative industries promote exploratory momentum and desire of artists for new set of conceptual approaches and is understood as one of the key factors in today's social development. With its own fashion line ZDSLU entered into the field of fashion and clothing, which are not only useful items, but mainly artistic artifacts, painted surfaces of seven top artists who have each in their own way coped with clothing, decorative items and fashion accessories. Thus created art products were designed by modern fashion standards and our intention was that in time before December we present it to general public. With their individual creativity and talent artists demonstrated the diversity in colors and shape, since every garment bears the distinctive stamp of an individual author.
I participated by designing three women dresses and two decorative pillows.

Opening day: 19th November 2014
Closing day: 19th November 2014

Atrij ZRC
Novi trg 2
1000 Ljubljana