Gallery Družina, sales exhibition

The exhibition was organized by a priest Robert Friškovec and Dragan Marinovič at the beginning of June 2009. It was a charitable sales exhibition at Gallery Družina, with the goal of gathering financial means for the construction of prisoners and victims rehabilitation center 'Ecce homo (Look, human)'. I also donated three of my paintings.

'Young invited 2008' at Gallery DLUM

Association of Artists of Maribor organized 8th annual exhibition 'Young invited' which presented 30 artists from Slovenia. Exhibition included lots of artworks, differed in technical and stylistic accessions, what contributed to diversity and variegation of the exhibition. I collaborated with three of my paintings.

ERICO, Velenje, group exhibition

Institute for ecological research in Velenje is long time known for it's traditional painting exhibitions of various artists; this time I exhibited my paintings together with mr. Vladimir Peter Plavčak, acknowledged self-taught artist, who presented paintings of nature, still life and figure. Exhibition was opened untill the end of July 2008.

Solo exhibition at Exhibition Centre Studenček

Pleasant and cheerful atmosphere that was surrounding us on the day of the exhibition will stay in my memory for long time. Well-executed and enjoyable, organized by mr. Vladimir Peter Plavčak, completed the evening, filled with art and poetry. Visitors had a chance to discover russian past and get introduced with some characteristics of my domestic country and also think about parallels with today's world. Exhibition was opened till the middle of december 2007.

Solo exhibition at Barag gallery

The exhibition which I've had in June 2007 at Baragova galerija in Trebnje was my first solo exhibition since I finished study on Academy of fine arts and design Ljubljana in February that year. Since that wasn't so long ago, I've decided to include paintings from diploma; the subject of those paintings still interests me exceedingly.