Within the Student dormitory Lizike Jančar Maribor an International art colony Lijalent 2017 took place from 28th to 30th of June 2017. Artists from Austria, Croatia, Italy, Russia and Slovenia participated at the colony. Artists were received by the deputy mayor of the municipality mag. Zdravko Luketič. During their stay in the city of Maribor, artists created a wide variety of artworks and co-created the cultural pulse of the Festival Lent.

On Wednesday, September 20th 2017, we gathered at the exhibition site of Student dormitory Lizike Jančar for the opening of an art and photography exhibition. Artists, pupils, students and other guests were greeted by the headmistress of the student dormitory, mag. Bojana Peruš Marušič. Artworks were presented by art critic Mario Berdič. Within the cultural program, students from the boarding school Leto Žorž Križanic, Kaja Prelc and Katja Zver played their musical accompaniment. The exhibition was opened by the head of the Institute of Education of the Republic of Slovenia, OE Maribor, mag. Vera Bevc.

Opening day: 20th September 2017
Closing day: 30th September

Dijaški dom Lizike Jančar
Titova cesta 24a
2000 Maribor