Galery RRRudolf was founded in 2008 as a replacement for closed Exhibition Centre Union. The space is shared with Literary house Maribor within premises of the Cultural association of Maribor literary society. Galery RRRudolf's program is broad and allows exhibiting of wide range of artists, while in-between there are also photographic and documentary exhibitions. The Gallery experimentally operated already in year 2004, but the restoration work was delayed and the actual starting year was 2008. The gallery is named after Branko Rudolf, former Director of the Art Gallery Maribor.

I exhibited portrait, figural and landscape motives. The exhibition is opened until mid-May.

Opening day: 26th April 2017
Closing day: 17th May 2017

Galerija RRRudolf
Vojašniška ulica 12
2000 Maribor