The art critic Mario Berdič Codella wrote about the author of the exhibition: "Elena Churnosova presents a unique curiosity on the Slovenian art scene, not only because of her Russian origin but also because of her professional profile, as she comes from the renowned N.K. Roerich Academy in St. Petersburg, where she specialized in scenography and costume design with a focus on puppetry, which is certainly unusual in our country. Despite further studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana (ALUO), where she gained insight into contemporary Slovenian painting, she maintained an affinity for Russian painting, spanning from the second half of the nineteenth century to the first quarter of the twentieth century, particularly with motifs of classical figurative compositions, including portraits, as well as landscape motifs, where she soon incorporated scenes from her homeland with Slovenian landscape depictions. And it is precisely here that the artist seems to fill a gap in contemporary domestic landscape art, as she is devoted to realistic representations of nature, avoiding both avant-gardism on one hand and a flood of amateurism on the other, striving to preserve the values of classical landscape art and figurative art as well. Since 2013, the artist has been exhibiting in Slovenia, Russia, and other parts of Europe, presenting both homelands to different cultural environments, of course, with high-quality techniques of classical painting."

Opening day: 1st June 2023
Closing day: 31st July 2023

Library Šentjur
Mestni trg 5B
3230 Šentjur