All members of the DLUM association were invited to participate in the exhibition, to present themselves with one or two works of recent date, which are also evaluated by selected curators for the annual DLUM award. The title of this year’s exhibition, curated by Kristina Prah, is AB HINC “From now on”. Namely, the company managed to pass a hundred years and survive exceptional conditions, which did not prevent it from a different, but still alive, activity and the preparation of exhibitions on the Jewish Square. This proves the tenacity of art and DLUM artist members, but at the same time it raises many questions: where, how, with whom, ultimately, why from now on? Even if we don’t have the answers, it’s probably worth looking for them, right?

Opening day: 23rd December2022
Closing day: 25th February 2023

Galerija DLUM
Židovska 10
2000 Maribor